10 ways for students to save money

Ways to save money student - "consider applying to be a resident advisor in the dormitories to save money on room and board or other jobs on campus that are friendly to students," said leslie tayne, financial attorney and debt specialist at tayne law group , p. Item on this list may not seem like a lot — a coffee here, a movie ticket there — but when you add it all up over the course of the year, it can mean big savings for students. According to the ftc, companies that offer a money-back guarantee that they will find you a scholarship, require processing fees, or credit card or bank account numbers are all tell-tale signs of a scam organization. "sales tax holidays exempts the sales tax charged on items like clothing, school supplies and backpacks under 0," said paul goebel of the university of north texas student money management center.

10 Ways To Save Money & Budget

10 ways to save money & budget. Today I share 10 easy ways to save money. These are super easy & basic. Thumbs up for 10 ...