10 ways to make more money

More ways to make money - A server can be financially rewarding and extremely flexible, which is why you'll see such a variety of people in this role: college students, moonlighters, artists, and more will be more than happy to create a great guest experience in exchange for a nice tip. If you are hiring people that are genuinely interested in providing great experiences and in making more money, or if you're a server that wants to make the most of your time at work, use the following tips to help you bring home the bacon! Steps can go a long way to make sure that servers are getting more table turns and guests are satisfied:Handheld, pay-at-the-table devices can help eliminate mistakes and have servers avoid running back and forth to the kitchen for allergy and ingredient questions. Pay varies widely based on where you live and the ages and number of kids you'll be watching, but babysitters and nannies typically can make up to an hour in small cities and much more – even double that hourly rate – in larger cities.

10 Ways to Make More Money

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