Acareer in sales

Sales as a career - “the low-paying sales jobs are very transactional, low value, and low risk, while the best-paying positions require a higher knowledge base, they're riskier, and the salespeople are generally more consultative,” says sales expert tim wackel, founder and president of the wackel group, a training and consulting firm. You have that magical mix of skills and personality that a career in selling requires, you may be able to earn yourself a six-figure salary as a real estate broker or a sales engineer--but not all sales positions are nearly that glamorous and high-paying. Unlike many other careers you will not feel pigeonholed in one industry; once you have the skills to sell successfully you can transfer your skills and move between industries providing new challenges and the opportunity to move your career in the direction you desire. From the vast networks of people you will meet to the continual changes in areas that impact your job, like the economy and technology, you'll never get time to feel uninspired in the career you've chosen.

Steven Tulman Speaking About Choosing Sales as a Career at the Schulich School of Business.

I recently accepted an invitation to speak to the MBA and BBA students at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto about the ...