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Hiring for a job - List below represents the companies that had posted the highest numbers of part-time “any level of telecommuting” jobs during that time period, which means their jobs all offered part-time hours and the ability to work remotely at least some of the time. Want to work part-time: flexjobs found that millennials, the largest generation in the workforce and vocal proponents of work flexibility, want to work part-time so they can spend quality time with loved ones (55 percent), pursue a creative passion (39 percent), and travel (38 percent). Have twenty years of accounting experience in all aspects of accounting, including a/p,a/r, job costing, payroll, payroll taxes, g/l reconciliation,open and close month, closing year,W-2's, employee benefits, financial reports, hiring, and 401-k. At flexjobs, we see a variety of people looking for part-time work, such as working parents, semi-retirees, people with health issues or disabilities, military spouses, millennials, career changers, and people seeking better work-life balance.

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