Advertising on your website for money

Advertising for your website - With this method you talk of and a lot dealing with the content, what would you say about a website that is reality educational informational site on subjects that challenge main stream media on educational truth that they don't report, as we are seeing the citizens of the world awaking to more truth? Have subcategorized the topic into:How much traffic does your blog need to make ,000 per year in ad revenue — tells you how many pageviews are required to generate ,000 (that is, ,000 x 12) in advertising revenue (affiliate income will be a bonus for you) per year based on real case studies and examples. Your content is ranking on top naturally then it means it's good… if your content is getting a lot of social media love then it's good… if your blogposts are getting good comments then it's good… the best thing is… you ask on forums and get real feedback. Have a question ,i am planning to start a website for video sharing ,so i need to take a surver on rent ,so how can i choose a better surver for website and also a little bit cheap for me,so that i can afford that.