Affiliate programs for blogs

Affiliate programs for your blog - I also encourage you to seek out more high paying affiliate programs in your own niche – you'd be surprised by how many great ones are out there when you brainstorming [your niche] + [ tools, software, deluxe, luxury, equipment, courses, digital products, etc. Many of the programs listed are considered b2b or business programs, many would work well for b2c bloggers who share behind the scenes tips or business related posts from time to time. I eventually got approved to several programs with more attractive commission structures than programs like amazon provided and after some experimenting, went from earning 1 or 2 digits to multiple 4 digits in a month. Every major retailer have their affiliate programs on cj affiliate (formerly commission junction), which makes them as close to a one stop shop as you can get in the affiliate marketing business.

Blogging: Affiliate Marketing, Passive Income & Best Practices

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