Anyone want to give me money

Give money to me - The man who gave money away to anyone who askedfacebooktwitteremailnews & culturemeet the man who gave money away to anyone who askedillustration by luc melansonby jonah kerijanuary 1, 2016facebooktwitteremailyour new year's resolution for 2016—and 2017, and 2018—is going to be utterly predictable, and predictably unattainable. While many pledgers said they wanted to give their fortunes away so that their children would understand the value of hard work, arnall's children actually inspired her to sign the pledge. The campaign's intention is to "inspire conversations, discussions, and action, not just about how much [to give] but also for what purposes and to what end," the website says. "[b]oth of my daughters have become even more adamant that i pursue this dream," wrote arnall, who wants to support children with autism and those in foster care.

Everyone Wants to Give Me Money - 30 Min - Super-Charged Affirmations

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