Apply for western union prepaid debit card

Apply for payza debit card - Western union prepaid card is a decent card if you are looking to avoid some bank fees and want a slightly safer way of paying for things without having to deal with some of the fees and hoops you have to jump through from other cards. If so, this would be a major disadvantage, as compared to the walmart money card, which seems to stop charging a fee, after you hit a negative balance and cannot bring your balance back to positive territory in the course of a month or more. Western union prepaid mastercard might be good if you are in a pinch and need to buy something online, but the signature and pin fees can really add up if you plan on using this as your primary payment method for transactions. Other prepaid cards will waive the monthly fee is you have direct deposit set up so it would be worth your time to look into other cards, otherwise it will cost you nearly a year just to have it in your wallet.

Western Union Gold Prepaid Card - Philippines

The Western Union Gold Prepaid Card -- helps you protect, save and access your money anytime! You no longer need to carry ...