Balancing part time job and university

Part time job and university - Give the job some serious thought before committing to anything; ask yourself whether your timetable will allow you the time off, something which could depend on your year of study; find out how flexible your manager would require you to be, and make sure they know you have other commitments; finally, make sure you have time to socialise as well, there is little point in earning a bit of pocket money if you have nowhere to spend it. A second job increases your financial health in multiple waysmany people these days are adding in a second job to get ahead in uncertain economic times, but the …read more set boundaries and stick to themif you're even halfway good at your jobs, chances are your bosses are both going to want all of your time. Advise those who transition from full-time to part-time employment to prepare for the financial impact by taking such steps as working with an accountant or financial advisor to organize your finances, and making sure you and your family will have adequate health and other insurance coverage, which you may no longer receive through an employer. However, do remember not to forfeit too much of your personal study time, in most cases you are only at university for three years, unless you really need the money it's not worth risking your final result.

How To Manage Being A Full-Time Student and Full-Time Worker

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