Being successful in direct sales

Jobs in direct sales - When a distributor sells products to consumers that is single level marketing, says woods; whereas, with multi-level marketing a distributor is given the opportunity to sell to consumers and to build his or her own independent sales force, known as a downline, by recruiting, training and motivating others to distribute the same products and services. Brown had five criteria in looking for the ideal direct selling opportunity: 1) a consumerable product, 2) a product that was a necessity and a not a luxury item, 3) something that needed to be repurchased, 4) something that appealed to a broad demographic, and 5) a very generous compensation plan.  in the last three years, wildtree herbs direct seller synara brown's earnings have skyrocketed to around 0,000 a year, all while being a full-time wife and mother to three small children ages 4, 7, and 9, and nurturing other sales reps along the way. Pre-plan what you will say and make some notes about why you are contacting them, what is your compelling offer and why someone would want to book a home party or schedule a sales presentation with you now.