Benefits of working for a small company

Benefits of working in a small company - Advantages of a small companyworking for a company that only employs a few dozen people may not offer the same scale as a fortune 500 corporation, but there are still a few perks to being employed at a place where everybody knows everybody and everybody calls you friend. Work roles at small companies are often less specialized than at larger firms allowing employees to wear more hats, interact with staff in more functional areas in these smaller work environments and get a better big picture view of operations. "of course, working with unpleasant people is a universal threat, but the damaging effects can be more pronounced if there's a web of superiors and management departments between you and the part of the company you'd rather be working for. Will work much closer to the owners, senior managers and investors of the company, giving them the chance to see what you can do and creating relationships that could last for the rest of your (potentially very lucrative) life.

Should you work for a Big Company or Small Company?

I've worked for big companies, small companies and alongside NGOs of all sizes. They each have their pros and cons and it's ...