Benefits providers for small business

Small business benefits for employees - The ideal business for this solution is a small group that is priced out of group health insurance, not eligible for group health insurance, wants to start offering health benefits for the first time, or doesn't have the administrative capacity to administer a group health insurance plan. Encourage more businesses to launch retirement plans, the economic growth and tax relief reconciliation act of 2001 provides a tax credit for costs associated with starting a retirement plan, including a 401(k) plan, simple plan or simplified employee pension (sep). The good news: many states are tying to ease the burden by passing laws that make it easier for small businesses to get health insurance and that prohibit insurance carriers from discriminating against small firms. Each co-op is structured differently, and whether the co-op offers better insurance rates than the small group could get on the open market or shop depends on regional insurance underwriting laws and the co-op itself.

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