Best books on passive income

Best passive income sources - 's a (mostly) short term, higher risk, higher reward place to invest cash that has a low correlation with the stock market, but is far more passive than buying and managing properties, has more opportunity for diversification than private placements (minimums of 5-10k, rather than 100k), and most of the equity offerings (and all of the debt offerings) provide monthly or quarterly incomes. All goes back to my point – since companies change in a lot of unpredictable ways, it makes more sense for passive income to just ride the market by investing in a total domestic stock market, total bond market, and total international index funds, with allocations that depend on your goals and time horizon. Made sense 40 years ago as a relatively simple rule of thumb, but after all the work done by john bogle with index investing, and academics with monte carlo sims and the 4% rule, dividend investing just isn't the simplest, cleanest way to invest or receive passive income anymore. 's a great book not just for business, but for life in general, and out of the entire lot of books here on this page, this would be the one i would recommend more than any of the others.