Best fundraising sites for individuals

Fundraising sites for individuals - You can always go back to the app crowdfunding sites later if the general crowdfunding doesn't work out but the same can't be said for vice-versa (you can get locked in to their distribution on the app crowd sites). [disclosure: i'm the ceo of crowdfunder and have personal relationships with many of the founders and teams at the sites listed, though i stand behind my picks here as guidance of value for people looking for the right site. Besides fees and the types of projects allowed on these crowdfunding sites, pay attention to which categories seem to do the best on the site and which resource tools you can use to make your campaign go smoothly. : some platforms, such as “all-or-nothing” sites, have limitations such as caps on the minimum that can be raised in order to collect, or whether investor return is allowed, the latter of which is known as equity crowdfunding.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Websites

Let's talk about the top crowdfunding websites! You can use these to raise funds online! Top sites: ...