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Best online money transfer sites - If someone sends you money through chase quick pay, you can sign up for an account and use it from then on, but if you want to use it yourself and you're not a chase customer, you can actually sign up and link another bank account or debit card to the service (however, one person in the transaction does have to have a chase checking account to get started—essentially, you can use it to receive money if you're not a chase customer, but you can't use it to send. Of you who nominated chase quick pay praised it for being fast and easy, and for even making it somewhat easy to send money to non chase customers, but equally many of you said that the process is difficult for those non-chase customer to accept money, and that the chase mobile banking app is only useful for chase customers, so those people without chase checking accounts but with chase quick pay accounts are still kind of out in the cold. Google wallet is available for android and ios, and in addition to being an easy way to send or receive money, if you have a phone with nfc, you can use it for contactless payments in brick-and-mortar stores, to check out when shopping online, and even use the google wallet card as a physical card (backed by mastercard) that's tied to your google wallet account. Sending money with paypal is easy and free for personal transactions as long as you use your paypal account, or an authorized debit card or bank account (fees come into play when you use credit cards), and as long as you're sending money within the united states (paypal does support international money transfers, there are just fees involved, along with the currency conversion.

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