Best part time job for a law student

Part time online jobs for law students - Herbert smith and hill dickinson allows placement students to spend time in their specialist advocacy units, which employ in-house barristers – an excellent opportunity for bar wannabes who miss out on one of the few paid chambers work experience gigs (the handful of chambers offering funded mini-pupillages include one gray's inn square, 2 temple gardens, pump court tax and 5 stone buildings). This year, accountants kpmg launched an initiative to sponsor students through undergraduate degrees while they work part-time for the firm, which will see it cover tuition fees, pay them a salary and give them a full-time job at the end of the course. James furber, senior partner at farrer & co, is in favour of his firm adopting a similar initiative "to keep a route into the profession open for students from less well off backgrounds", as is michael shaw, head of national law firm cobbetts. . do not obtain full-time clerking positions during your academic years but take two sabbaticals from your current job to clerk the summers after your 2nd and 3rd years of law school or take one sabbatical after your 3rd year only.

The Law School Experience -- Full-time Employee/Part-time Law Student "How do I do it?!"

In this video I explain how I battle time management, balancing my professional life between Law School and having a social life.