Best part time jobs for moms

Part time jobs for moms - Following jobs are potentially desirable for working mothers, because they offer at least one of the following characteristics: well-paying, part-time employment; a flexible schedule; the ability to work from home part time; paid maternity leave; and/or good daycare benefits. If you have a deeper understanding of coding and web design, market yourself as a freelance graphic designer, which might require some face time with clients, but most of the work can be done from home. " executive-level and managerial positions often give you the ability to choose the best people to run parts of the business, giving you the flexibility to set your own hours and work from home when needed. Certain types of doctors can set up private practices with partners and create their own hours, nurses can choose certain shifts and personal health aides can only apply for jobs that meet their schedule.

Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs For Mom

1. Interior Designer 2. Freelance Graphic Designer 3. Psychiatrist 4. Makeup Artist 5. Travel Agent 6.A School District 7. Dental ...