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Best place to exchange currency in japan - Think part of the reason we canadians take americans' apparent hesitancy to exchange their greenbacks for loonies so negatively is that even though we are the us's largest trading partner (which many americans are not aware of), and millions of canadians visit the us every year, it is almost unheard of for american merchants to "return the favour" and accept canadian currency down there. There are several options available for doing this:Contact your bank at home and ask them to wire some money to a local branch in vancouver – this is unlikely to be instant, and you'll be charged a fee by your home bank plus you're likely to be charged a fee by the receiving bank as well. 's a well known fact that vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in north america in many respects – property prices, dining, hotels and more, and although you're not likely to be buying any property coming here as a visitor, you should be aware that generally things are going to cost you more. Well as in the banks, there are numerous atm's in public places all around the city and whilst these are convenient, you should be aware that these do charge fees on every withdrawal and these are often more than the banks charge, so should perhaps only be used in an emergency situation.

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