Best places for 16 year olds to work

Work for 16 year olds - I want to go on a sanctimonious, immature rant about how the summer-job obsession is just a manifestation of middle-class parents' guilt about spoiling their children; i want to indict mothers and fathers for using work as a ploy to get us out of their houses. From retail, waiter/waitressing and working as a member of event staff are both great ways to earn extra money both after studying and during the holidays, and can include extras if the job comes with tips. So whether you want to work part-time whilst continuing your studies, take up an apprenticeship and learn a trade ‘on-the-job', or just dive straight into full-time working life, there's a job out there for you. A couple of years ago i was entertaining the fantasy of being a waiter at very posh, all-girls camp … then i found out i had no chance unless my name was andré, enriqué, or jean-paul.

Good Jobs for Teenagers

Good jobs for teenagers. Good jobs for 18 year olds. Good jobs for teens. My favorite book on Investing ...