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Sell your old phone - ,i have a yellow iphone 5c that i have been using since october that is still in very good shape and an iphone 6 that was purchased in october, but has hardly been used at all (it was court ordered to be given back to me), anyway, i owe a big amount to ntelos and was wondering what i could do to sell these for a decent price because i really need the money! Of use: the online form for posting items contains helpful fields for first-time sellers, with options for noting the condition of your item (anywhere from “excellent” to “needs work”), its dimensions, your description of it, and whether you'll allow local pickup – handy for minimizing the odds of fickle buyers returning items for no good reason. Another thing you'll want to be aware of when you sell online is how long the price you're offered is good for: some require you to send in your phone immediately while others lock in your offer for weeks, giving you time to pick up a new smartphone before sending in the old one. Sales and trade-ins gazelleyourenewusellnextworthbest buy online trade-inamazontargetswappa (marketplace, more like ebay)ebaycraiglist your carrier's buy-back programphysical sales and national recycling outlets best buy (also online)gamestop (also online)radioshackcostcoecoatmnational charities cell phones for soldiershope phoneshope line phones (verizon) local charities city drives -- check with your city government local domestic violence help centers.

The Best Way to Sell Your iPhone

Of the dozens of buyback, trade-in and marketplace options, which is best for getting cold hard cash for your iPhone?