Best server for medium sized business

Server for medium sized business - If your business has more than ten employees using computers, if you need to operate an email or print server, manage a complex database, or run sophisticated server-based applications (such as erp or crm), if you have very large storage requirements, or if you require large-scale virtualization capabilities, you'll want a more robust option such as a tower, rack, or blade server. Line: if you are looking for an smb server that absolutely must handle the most demanding database transactions or outrageous amounts of i/o requests, the hp proliant dl380p gen 8 server will do nicely, and, for smaller organizations, even a lower-cost configuration can handle demanding server tasks or house several virtual servers. "concerns over security when hosting sensitive information in the cloud have bolstered the onsite server market to a degree, but as concerns dissolve, small businesses in particular are looking at their costs and asking whether they need a new onsite server at all, or see greater benefit in developing a hybrid approach. If all you need is file sharing, automated client backup, and light-duty remote access for pcs (typically ten or fewer), consider a nas or even a windows home server machine; hp, netgear, qnap, seagate, and synology are the major players in this arena.

How to Build Office Network Part 1 - Servers

I working on number of new video's to explain how to setup a office network with around 15 users which work from two office ...