Best way to earn dark zone money the division

Top ways to earn money from home - Levelled items make proportionally more money - for example, a level 12 green mask requires 9 fabric and sells for 4, and a level 18 requires 13 fabric but sells for 2 - so it's worth making fewer, better things than lots of basic items. You play through tom clancy's the division, you're going to need to strike your own balance between stripping junk for parts and using it to earn money, based on whether you'd rather build or buy new equipment. It's worth keeping in mind that low-grade items are probably worth more in terms of extra parts rather than cash, whereas higher-level gear can net a reasonable amount of money. For this reason, and if you want to maximise the value of your earnings, it's best to replay them immediately after you complete them the first time.

The Division - How to make FAST Dark Zone Credits!

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