Best way to save money in singapore

Ways to save money singapore - , that's half-true (if you don't understand banking products), but seriously, your money is much safer in a bank for several reasons:Deposit insurance scheme (dis): in the event that the bank fails or someone stages a multi-million dollar heist on your bank, the dis insures up to ,000. While i wouldn't suggest you completely avoid alcohol during your holiday in singapore, if you must have a few swigs at a watering den every night, you're not going to have much travel budget left for other things. However, placing your money in a bank will shield your money from or at least ease the effect of inflation as you can earn interest on your savings (depending on the banking products you use to keep your money). , there's a huge difference between trying to save earnestly for things like retirement, education, a wedding or your first home, and being an extreme cheapskate who actually wastes more money in the long run by being ultra-cheap.

14 Ways To Save Money

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