Best way to sell stuff on ebay

Best way to start selling on ebay - The crappy part of the issue is i have perfect 100% feedback and all the sudden i am below standard but still i have perfect 100% feedback, now i don't know about the rest of you, but i can't figure out how a seller with 100% feedback can be below standard, when everything is shipped same day and received in perfect condition as well as the prices are way below retail of the item, but like you say one bad egg (as a seller) who complains or one cancel transaction, because a buyer doesn't want the item after they bid for 10 days on it and win it, then request to cancel the item, for which i did, and now because i did ebay threw me off, so i really don't understand myself, is it they just want all your money and you are not allowed to get even a few cents back when a buyer doesn't want the item, you have to pay all their fees anyway. I can't see anyone competing with ebay for a long time and for the vast majority it's the only one that really matters , okay amazon is big but it's not seller friendly for small sellers ,and you can't sell mobile phones for example , there was talk of google launching an auction site of similar nature but even they think it would be far from easy to put a dent in ebays customer base which says it all to be honest if one of the planets biggest tech companies are sceptical of winning over ebays customers then what hope does anyone else have , the answer is any that try will fail! .The ebay alternative question comes mainly because people have been banned from selling on ebay , but the truth is any alternative of a similar nature is all but a waste of a sellers time as they just don't attract the buyers , many many have tried to move in on ebays patch and everyone hasn't even got close to competing, etsy probably done okay but it's all craft and hobby related, if you have been removed by ebay then unless you can fake another account just accept that selling online for you has come to an end and move on. True true amazon is rediculiously expensive i mean your not even an affiliate and you have to pay an affiliate commission just so you can sell something , just about every item that i looked up on amazon it was about chaeper with ebay i dont like ebay ither i truly believe that bonanza is on its way to putting ebay out and dont even get me started on pay-pal but sometimes u have to use pay-pal reply.

How to sell on eBay the simplest, best, easiest way. Unedited: List, sell, ship

Don't be intimidated by eBay. Anyone can use it. You don't have to have any special skills just the will to want to learn an easy ...