Best ways to make money osrs p2p

Best ways to make money osrs p2p - At the beginning, you will see what to hunt and also what you need in order to make a trap or whatsoever and afterwards, i will show you a diagram of how much xp you make per hour at what level and there is a “helpful section” in the end. At the beginning, getting 99 hunter can be boring and will require some endurance and patience to level, but as soon you are in the higher levels, levelling hunter will become great fun and your money will increase with every single hour! You have a full lumberjack set (get it from temple trekking) you get more exp per log and if you have a strung rabbit foot (which is highly recommended) you get more bird nests, which also helps bring in more money. To a mine that has quite a few iron and coal rocks(mining guild has lots of coal) and mine about 1000 iron and about 2000 coal and make lots of steel bars(which range from 750-900gp on the grand exchange).

Top 10 Best OSRS Money Making Methods

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