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Borrow money from people online - Larsen says that the only limit to the site's becoming more useful, now, is a lack of awareness—a lot more people could do well to borrow from the site instead of relying on credit cards, and a lot of lenders could make more money here than they can in a bank. As ray fisman wrote in slate in 2009, lenders on prosper seemed to be swayed by factors that didn't live up to the claim of democratizing finance—pretty women got cheaper loans than homely ones, and lenders were more likely to lend to white people than black people. As a non-us citizen, i had only one loan option that charged a much higher interest rate and i'd like to refinance my loan via wefinance to put myself in a better financial position with lower interest payments and paying interest to real people. In addition to the problem of discrimination (giving pretty people cheaper loans), lenders were often swayed by emotional cues into charging too little for risky loans—and when the borrowers defaulted, lenders would blame prosper for losing their money, and they'd leave the site.

Lending club review. How to make money. Learn how to buy loans.

Lending club review. How to make money. Learn how to buy loans. in this video I show how to purchase loans on lending ...