Burmese currency to us dollar

Dollar to burmese kyat - United states dollar is the currency in american samoa (as, asm), british virgin islands (vg, vgb, bvi), el salvador (sv, slv), guam (gu, gum), marshall islands (mh, mhl), micronesia (federated states of micronesia, fm, fsm), northern mariana islands (mp, mnp), palau (pw, plw), puerto rico (pr, pri), united states (united states of america, us, usa), turks and caicos islands (tc, tca), virgin islands (vi, vir), timor-leste, ecuador (ec, ecu), johnston island, midway islands, and wake island. Code for the american dollar is usdthe symbol for the american dollar is $the code for the myanmar kyat is mmkthe symbol for the myanmar kyat is kthe dollar is divided into 100 centsthe kyat is divided into 100 pyasfor 2017, one american dollar has equalled    average: k 1,350. Dollar is the currency used in samoa (american), virgin islands (us), british indian ocean territory, virgin islands (uk), turks & caicos is, ecuador, el salvador, guam, northern mariana islands, marshall islands, micronesia, us minor outlying islands, palau, puerto rico and united states. Can also subscribe to our currency newsletters with daily rates and analysis, read the xe currency blog,Or take mmk rates on the go with our xe currency apps and website.

Burmese Money: Kyats & USD Currency

I went back Burma/Myanmar in December of 2015 and bought back Burmese kyats a.k.a. money.