Business opportunities in real estate

Opportunities in a business - Services/tech-enabled brokerages: contrary to the incumbents in the residential market, which are predominantly media businesses generating revenue from advertising, a real opportunity exists for tech-enabled commercial listing services that could level the playing field, acting as marketplaces, and replacing the less efficient relationship-driven model that still persists today. The economic recovery in full swing and money flowing back into commercial development, some of these roadblocks have been lifted and the market is, once again, ready for new entrants to build upon the work of the early pioneers in commercial real estate technology. Some of the biggest near-term opportunities for innovation are:Property management: several companies are already competing for dominance in this category, most offering software that helps property owners and management companies oversee and easily track commercial real estate assets.  in addition to understanding the local, state and regional business environment, nai maestas & ward's business brokerage division brings the unique advantage of being affiliated with nai global, the world's premier independent network of commercial real estate firms.

Real Estate Business Opportunities? a Profitable business idea for YOU!

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