Businesses kids can start

Can a kid own a business - Am very business minded and today ive watched a programme that inspired me to start up my own business so i was thinking that i could create my own makerspace club with teens round about my age that can also become young entreprenuers we can learn teach share ideas and help eachother become entreprenuers……do you think its a good idea. 14 year old is talented in so many ways but decided to use her artistic ability and started to paint different items such as plates, in one case just a piece of wood, and finaly now painting chimneys of antiuqe lamps and clients love them. I am 17 years old and studying in +1 i want to start a bussiness and working on different ideasin india and my request to you is that can you guide me for the start up i dont know where how to start. For kids who are social savvy and good communicators, maintaining a blog is a way to publish information, express individuality and even earn money by selling blog-related products and endorsing products that appeal to the blog's readership.

The Ultimate Guide How to Make Money as a Kid or Teenager

The Ultimate Guide to Business's that Kids and Teenagers can Start with No to little money -BUT Have huge potential. Top 6 ...