Can i buy a money order with a debit card

Can u buy a money order with a debit card - This was never an issue in the past, but ever since the memo got passed around, i've found the money center cashiers are much more inclined to ask to see the card and reject it if it doesn't comply with their standard of a “debit card” (mainly, that it doesn't appear to be a pin-enabled gift card). There's no guarantee this will work, but if the cashier overlooks “gift card” in large, bold text on the front of the card (try covering it with your thumb) and you show them that your name is in fact on the card, you should be ok. This blog doesn't pay the bills, i earn a living as a writer and my readers aren't any more “credit card hungry” than you are…also, you are one of them, so whatever insult you throw at “my readers” applies to you. Is done, i have been using it for over a year, it is worse than wmt now, all cashiers ask to look at the card and decline gift cards, this started about 3 weeks ago, in all 3 krogers i used successfully before.

Turn ANY credit card into cash!!!!

Purchase a money order from your post office for amount you need and fill out to yourself. Return to line with money order and ...