Can i send money order online

Can i wire money online - Ways to payif you can't find a money order online (and you probably can't – see below), your next best option might be one of the approaches below:online money transfers (via ach) are commonly used to pay bills, and they're often free or inexpensivepay in person at a physical location that's associated with your payee (some moneygram locations can forward payments to service providers like your electric company, for example)buy a money order in-person and mail the payment (the old-fashioned way)order a cashier's check from your bank (this can sometimes be done online)send funds to friends and family with p2p payment servicesmake a wire transfer, which is also a form of guaranteed payment (and it's instant)ultimately, it may be best to open an account that allows you to transfer money online quickly, easily, and frequently. Can't be sure where the money is coming from, so they're not going to print an instrument that is as good as cash (there's no way for them to get the money back in cases of fraud unless they spend tens of thousands of dollars on investigations and legal action). If you buy a money order online, you're either dealing with a company that has “figured out the secret” or one that is willing to take huge risks for a very small fee (or it's a scam). This lets you easily send money to someone else's account, making it a great way to send funds to a student away at school or someone you pay often, such as a babysitter.

How to Send a Money Order

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