Can instagram sell your photos

Can instagram sell your photos - , a brooklyn-based photographer, enjoys a bit of fame on the network: he was lauded by gawker as "the best photographer on instagram" two years ago, after getting his account suspended for posting a photo of topless sunbathers at the beach. A note at the top of the new terms, in bolded caps, says that any dispute between instagram and a user "will be resolved by binding, individual arbitration," unless the user opts out of the provision in writing. On the eve of his 34th birthday, arnold didn't have a clue how he was going to make rent for the following month, so, at midnight, he posted this message on instagram:The response overwhelmed him. These two documents help communicate as clearly as possible our relationship with the users of instagram so you understand how your data will be used, and the rules that govern the thriving and active instagram community.

IGN News - Instagram Will Sell Your Photos

Missed your Daily Fix? Click here! Instagram is planning to change its privacy policy and sell users photos to ...