Can you get a money order with a credit card

Can you get a money order using a credit card - To avoid suspicion and/or account closures, mix it up: deposit some of the money orders into your checking account (then use the funds to pay your credit card), make the mo's out to your bank and pay off your credit cards, cash some of them out then either deposit into your bank account or pay your credit card bill at a local branch. A few questions, if you don't mind: (1) do money orders have to be bought through cashiers — not at the bluebird atm machine (i always like to avoid humans there whenever possible), and (2) never knew you could pay mortgage in person with a mo — does your oder need to be the exact amount of the mortgage payment? But there are still a few types of transactions you can't use your credit card for, either because they're high-risk, they attract a lot of fraud or they simply tend to give customers a bad case of buyer's remorse, leading to disputes and charge-backs that are expensive for the credit card companies. While your credit card will certainly be accepted for food and beverages, many adult clubs take only cash for lap dances or other services from the dancers, says angelina spencer, a former club owner and executive director of the association of club executives, a trade association for the adult club industry.

Turn ANY credit card into cash!!!!

Purchase a money order from your post office for amount you need and fill out to yourself. Return to line with money order and ...