Can you make a living as a day trader

Can you make money as a day trader - I am saying is that it is more of a dream for most people than a reality, and though i would never discourage someone from pursuing their dream, it's important, if you want to pursue trading for a living, to go into it with your eyes wide open.  the goal when trading for a living is of course to have a reliable and consistent revenue stream, but that will take time to achieve, and having to bear the daily fluctuations of your income can be tough on the psyche, so be ready for it. 'm a veteran trader finance degree from osu and always still learning books audible and purchased warrior trading program so much new and useful information that i bought monthly chat to watch them apply principles they teach and to get some new fresh ideas. It's important to emphasize this — you want to be a trader, not an investor — so find the best books about trading and put in the hours necessary to give yourself a strong understanding of the world you are about to enter.

Can you make a living out of trading?

Can you make a living out of this? Daniel Moczulski of Star ...