Can you make a living from gambling

Make a living forex - ''edward looney, executive director of the new jersey council, estimated that in 1996, as many as 90 percent of people older than 16 took part in some sort of gambling -- from the ceremonial wager between mayors on behalf of a city's sports team to playing the office football pool, the lottery or the gin game on a street corner. I then made a go at a medical degree to complete a childhood dream of being a doctor and discovered that my patented combination of drinking and gambling did not work at all in the more difficult atmosphere of graduate degrees and dropped out in my first year. The dice don't like you, the cards aren't magic, you aren't lucky tonight, and neither is your girlfriend/boyfriend/that cute guy/girl you just met at the bar who you think might have a thing for you who's gambling with you. ''professional gamblers never go over the line,'' says kevin o'neill, the deputy director of the council on compulsive gambling of new jersey, an affiliate of the national council on problem gambling that has a prominent role because of atlantic city's casino industry.

Extra: Gambling for a living

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