Can you make a living selling on ebay

Can you make a living selling on amazon - I want to know how long until i begin reaping the rewards, i suppose that depends on how hard i work and how far i get, but it's pretty risky to buy 1000+ items and then find out they don't sell – or that they sell, but my margin in profit, after subtracting ebay fees is only a few dollars a sale, if you include packing and shipping, that means i am earning a few bucks per product. Lightman, a 53-year-old ebay expert, has turned her luxury consignment store, linda's stuff , into a multi-million dollar businessthe mother-of-two, who lives in the suburbs of philadelphia, pennsylvania, got her start selling her sons' video games on the site 15 years agolinda is sharing her best tips for becoming a top ebay seller in celebration of the site's 20th anniversaryby. .I often see great books selling on ebay that go for much less than they are worth because the seller didn't describe it correctly or used the wrong keywords in the title or had the auction end in the middle of the night when no one was awake. . do your research 'even though you may be familiar with the product, it is important to educate yourself about the market,' linda explained to daily mail online, noting that you should ask yourself: 'is there a market for the item you are thinking about selling?