Can you make money by creating an app

Can you make money from creating an app - …glad that your site has been exposed for what it is…the irony is that if you click ‘carter's' name on one of his responses, the first post that comes up is him condemning the flappy birds creator for supposedly using bots to increase the five star reviews of his game…calling the behavior ‘fishy' and whatnot…like his entire business model isn't…the ultimate in the pot calling the kettle black…i had hope for this industry at one point, not so sure anymore…unoriginal, uninspired, uncreative, unethical, inhuman, and immoral business practices…welcome to america, folks…i wish nothing but the absolute worst for your life in every possible way, because no one deserves it more…i may spit vitriol, but at least i'm not marketing it for some easy money…. In theory it can work, but you have to figure out a way to a) get graphics for your games at a low price (almost impossible) b) have money to promote or have an already established network to push your games c) get code at a low price and lastly be able to do it with games that don't feature any kind of copy-written material. I don't care how much money you've made out of this, you are creatively and ethically void and one of the reasons that the proper hardworking indie devs go bust – because there's so many other corrupted people making a fast buck out of others' hard work, flooding the app stores with copycat clones and burying the original content from the light of day. I've seen focus in your journey man; you quit your damn job, you focussed on your apps, and they way you wrote many of your articles about trying new methods and tricks to milk your apps for money more and more and more, i just knew you were a crazy ass bastard who's out on all guns locked and loaded to do something big.

How Apps Make Money?

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