Can you make money from stock photography

Can you make money from photography - A quote found online:companies like istockphoto, or any other operation that is open to submissions from the general public, which licenses images for peanuts, is not going to be serving the interests of the bulk of the photographers who submit pictures (that's a polite way of saying it isn't even worth the time of most contributors, but that doesn't stop them going fishing). “in the traditional market, it's been getting harder as microstock puts downward pressure on prices, which in turn puts pressure on royalty rates and production budgets,” says lee torrens, a buenos aires, argentina–based stock photographer who also runs the stock image library for canva, an online design platform. .I would like to try my hand at stock photography but, although i'm not new to traditional photography, i have only being using digital for less than two years and am flummoxed by photoshop and lightbox which i can't get my head around at all. But in recent years, veteran stock shooters have been selling microstock, which they see as “another layer in the cake they need to have in their business,” says ellen boughn, author of microstock money shots (amphoto books) and a photography consultant based in bainbridge island, wa.

How To Make Money Selling Stock Photography

In this video, I discuss some of the ins and outs of Stock Photography. I explain what it is and how you can go about selling your ...