Can you make money from writing a book

Can you make money from ebooks - Barry eisler, who has tackled both legacy and self-publishing (and succeeded wildly), suggests a reading of three books – stein on writing: a master editor of some of the most successful writers of our century shares his craft techniques and strategies by sol stein, learning to write fiction from the masters, by barnaby conrad, and robert mckee's story: substance, structure, style and principles of screenwriting to improve the craft of storytelling. Writing regularly changed my life (and how you can get started)i'm not going to tell you that you should write every single day, nor am i going to list out…read more read a ton of stuffi try to read pieces or chapters in 3-4 books a day or more. Try to do at least one thing a day to get the word out, whether that be pitching a story to a journalist/blog, writing a blog post, commenting on articles, checking and replying to haro (and other sites like it) inquiries for leads, writing a press release, etc. Eisler especially recommends godin's book, saying that “the concept of what a customer gives you permission to market and where you're counterproductively overstepping your bounds is hugely important to bookselling, and this short book should be on any self-published author's short list.

How to Make Money Writing Books

If you've ever dreamed of profiting from publishing, this video is for you.