Can you purchase a money order with a credit card

Can a money order be purchased with a debit card - But there are still a few types of transactions you can't use your credit card for, either because they're high-risk, they attract a lot of fraud or they simply tend to give customers a bad case of buyer's remorse, leading to disputes and charge-backs that are expensive for the credit card companies. While your credit card will certainly be accepted for food and beverages, many adult clubs take only cash for lap dances or other services from the dancers, says angelina spencer, a former club owner and executive director of the association of club executives, a trade association for the adult club industry. The occasional supermarket may allow you to buy a money order with a credit card, but be warned: your bank will likely process the transaction as a cash advance, subject to a fee, higher interest rates than what you pay for purchases and no interest-free grace period. Wikileaks was added to visa and mastercard's lists after it released confidential state department documents late last year; a series of attacks by wikileaks supporters that shut down the visa and mastercard websites further damaged its credibility.

Turn ANY credit card into cash!!!!

Purchase a money order from your post office for amount you need and fill out to yourself. Return to line with money order and ...