Can you sell things on instagram

Can you sell your instagram account - They do figure out a way to allow shoppers to buy products directly from instagram—which would cut out the tedious act of having to go though various websites and clicks—it's fair to say that instagram is a money-making opportunity that anyone can capitalize on—even you, if you know how. This is likely due to a number of factors, particularly the limited ability to post links on the photo-sharing service, and the platform's lack of a native buy button, which would enable you to, for example, see a post about a burberry scarf and click to buy without ever leaving instagram. Of now, the majority of those selling clothes and accessories on instagram are boutique owners, bloggers, and those just looking to make a few bucks, but fashion brands and large retailers would be wise to follow their lead—if they can figure out how to do it. To a recent l2 report—a company that analyzes brands' digital presence—93 percent of fashion brands from marc jacobs to topshop are now on instagram, although they've been using it as a marketing and branding platform showcasing their goods instead of actually selling them directly.

How to Sell Products On Instagram

These are 3 tools you can use to sell products directly on Instagram. There are pluses and negatives to each platform. Choose the ...