Can your business buy a house

Buying a house through your business - Will still be taxed on the dividends if you take profits out of the company (which we'll come to later), but there's flexibility: you can time your dividend payouts for maximum tax-efficiency, or distribute them to family members who are only basic rate taxpayers – or just leave the profits rolling up within the company to buy the next property. It's all far beyond my pay grade (and you should take advice from a specialist tax advisor if passing properties on forms an important part of your plans), but you can make use of trust structures, different types of shares, and all kinds of clever methods that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. Post i've linked to goes into how it all works, but the upshot is that if you pay tax at the higher rate and you use mortgages to buy property, your tax bill will be higher if you own property in your own name rather than in a company. If the house were used for business purposes and was owned by an llc (title was in the name of the llc) then the gain on the sale would have to be reported by the owner of the llc on his or her individual income tax return.

Buying & Selling Homes : How to Buy a House Through Your Business

Buying a house through a business is often done when flipping houses, when renting out the property or when using the home as ...