Career guides for high school students

Career information for high school students - : one high-school student was sure he wanted to be a teacher, but the more he read about cutbacks in educational spending and the decline in the educational experiences in many parts of the country, he decided he would be better off becoming a political activist for educational reform than as a teacher stuck in what he saw as a decaying system. : one of my college students, whose parents are both lawyers, is certain his fate is to be a corporate attorney, and his plans currently include law school after his undergraduate education; however, he is also taking a full set of business courses, as well as some interesting electives, in case “things change” by the time he graduates. Research conducted for my upcoming book, to help young adults discover their interests and strengths while designing a portfolio of experiential learning to make themselves more marketable to employers, i interviewed 100 gen y's about their school to career experiences and the lessons they learned in the process. Students often feel pressure to follow in an adult family member's career path, especially if s/he is footing the bill for college, but the worst thing you can do is choose a career to please someone else.

Choosing a career for high school students | Career talk #1

Here I break down three common misconceptions students have when deciding on their career! Knowing what you want to do at ...