Cheap web development company

Cheap web development company - Example from my company, it is only through painful past learning that we can navigate to find our pay statements since you have to already know how to navigate through eight pages to get to it (including two pages to confirm your smart card even though you are logged into the company already), and then the final link title doesn't intuitively have anything to do with “pay statement”. Web design company went through incompetent employees and now almost 8 months later, we have a new arrogant web designer, i had questions on the site about corrections that still needed to be addressed, and still no response so i asked out of frustration last week, as they just sent us an email saying the site is live so i responded. The reason i'm commenting on this is because these sorts of inane lists are detrimental to the high-end web development industry… they boil down to an authoritatively-worded opinion piece which provides no real, workable information and only serves to confuse people who are genuinely trying to educate themselves about how what web design actually means. An example, my company uses sap for employee time-keeping, yet has a separate web application for time off (duplicates sap info), on any usual screen, the link for this is the size of a radio button with the half the screen a useless picture and most of the rest blank.