Cheapest franchise to own

Great franchises to own - Attracting 1,000 consignors and 8,000 shoppers and grossing nearly 0,000 in sales, it was the second of a half-dozen six-day events she'll organize this year in the okc metro area, where she lives and owns three just between friends franchises. Cleveland, ohio-based franchise does energy-use audits to help people better understand the energy needs of their homes and businesses, as well as how to save money with moves such as replacing windows or insulating against drafts. Felegi owns three critter control franchises and co-owns another in southeast florida, where his 47 employees capture more than just raccoons, squirrels, bats and other common animals that shouldn't be inside homes and other buildings. Before you purchase any franchise, you should thoroughly investigate the opportunity by interviewing existing franchisees, consulting with an attorney and an accountant, and reading all relevant literature, including the company's franchise disclosure document.