Companies that let you work from home

Work from home companies - “the results of this year's list are in line with the overall growth trends we're observing in the flexible job marketplace, with increasingly diverse companies turning to the ‘trad' (or telecommuting, remote, and distributed) model of work as an integrated business practice,” said sara sutton fell, founder and ceo of flexjobs. According to the bureau of labor statistics, about a quarter of american employees did at least some of their work from home in 2015, and companies are finding that providing workers the opportunity to work from home can help persuade a candidate who's weighing one job offer against another. Sutton fell, founder and ceo of flexjobs argues that the diversity of industries represented on the list should help "to dispel the common myth that remote jobs are only available for computer-related fields, or for customer service positions. You want to work at your house in your pajamas, from your local coffee shop, or while traveling the world, the following tech, health care, customer service, and education companies can help you achieve your wfh aspirations.

Top 50 Best Work At Home Companies To Work For! (Forbe's List 2016)

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