Create an online questionnaire

Create a questionnaire online - But some surveys are best filled out offline—from door-to-door surveys where you may not have consistent internet coverage, to in-house qa assements inside factories and other areas with limited connectivity—and quicktapsurvey is a great option to build offline surveys that are perhaps even better than online ones. We have a large number of customers (mainly agencies) who resell our product and this is what they do:Agencies will utilize a plan that allows them to white-label the questionnaire as well as the back-end where the data is held/accessed (comes with a unique link). ! i have been searching high and low for software that allows me to create a questionnaire/audit checklist, for a client to use, that 'scores' responses and, at the end of the questionnaire, produces an overall score for the business, that i can then follow up on. Some are best online, while others shine in mobile apps or in offline world on a clipboard—it's true, several of these survey apps allow you to print out your questionnaire, then add the results to the app.

Google Forms (Online Survey) Tool Jan 2014

This video explains how to login and get started with creating a basic Google Form (online survey), how to create various ...