Create your own landing page

Create your own fundraising page - I already have a paid wix website but i need a landing page to advertise an ebook, can i choose one of your landing page themes, customize it and link it to my wix website or will both sites be separate. Sorry for being naive but i would greatly appreciate a response to my queries:- 1) if i have a website and i want to create a landing page for it, what would the url for the landing page be? If not, we would kindly ask you to hit the help button in the bottom right corner of the page and tell us about your needs—maybe our designers will craft a template just for you! , on the other hand, they are in research mode, make it intuitive for them to click through to a more research-geared page, where you can offer them a lead magnet tailored to people in research mode.

Build your website with HTML & CSS

Watch this workshop and explore the world of web development, where Boris Paillard, CEO at Le Wagon, will teach you to code ...