Dark vader looking for a job

Darth vader looking for a job - Mcquarrie's earliest sketches depict a man similar to valorum or general vader from the first draft, being tall and with a flowing cape, however a distinguishing feature is that the character wears what looks like a sort of futuristic gas mask over his face. The evolution of darth vader from whiny teenager to most feared man in the galaxy left fans flat, but visual development of the character documented by michael kaminski at his secret history of star wars site is an interesting read. Although darth vader tries his best to persuade enright of his propensity for police work, no jedi mind tricks can get past the officer, who said vader doesn't know the difference between the force and use of force. It's highly unlikely the star wars directors are looking to give darth vader a regional accent, those planning on travelling to future auditions in glasgow, dublin, manchester and london might want to start practising their "disguised" accents now.

Darth Sidious Gets a Job (Star Wars)

Darth Sidious Gets a Job. ▻ http://www.TempEmployment.com The Dark Lord of the Sith of Star Wars, aka Darth Sidious gets a ...