Disadvantages of student having part time job

Part time job of student - [six advantages] | six advantages of working after high school [disadvantages] | the disadvantages of being an apprentice also viewed [part-time jobs] | part-time jobs for kids 12 & up [part time employees] | benefits for part time employees [environmental physical] | "environmental, physical & other requirements for teaching jobs" [contract work] | the disadvantages of contract work [employment ideas] | part-time employment ideas [part time employees] | the legality of forcing part time employees to work full time [part-time workers] | do part-time workers get unemployment benefits? Instead of people worrying about the student's grades declining due to having a part-time job, i think they should look at it as a challenge for the student because later in life they will likely face bigger obstacles. From school to extracurricular activities and then to a job means having to do homework late at night, or, in some cases, working ahead during the weekends in order to ensure everything is completeĀ for the coming week. A job answering phones, running errands or performing administrative tasks enables students to understand how fields they're interested in work day to day and what those careers demand in terms of education, skill and time commitment.